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26 Mar 2016 18:14

i got a friend whose boyfriend works far away, he is a busy guy . my friend has been complaining that he does not call her just communicate through texts, and she can not sent any romantic text because he asked her not to..does he really still love her?

29 Mar 2016 10:21

no, when u love someone however far or bizy u r, u wil alwyz hav tym 4 them..

29 Mar 2016 14:44

im ah casco lover

29 Mar 2016 17:38

No He Doesnt Love Her Anymore He Loves Someone Else

29 Mar 2016 18:07

the guy is just using her...communication is the threshold of such r/ships
and you need to be more sweet no matter the text or call

29 Mar 2016 18:36

Communication means a lot,when ua galfriend or boyfriend doesn't calls u thats mean he or she is not interested with u got someone else,long distance relationship rily works what matters is being faithful to each atha

31 Mar 2016 06:15

tel her to step aside

31 Mar 2016 06:49

Seems she has bn turned in2 an option rather thn the 1 who matters. The guy is up2 sm monkey bznez tht involves hide & seek. I blv ua lady frnd is wise enough 2 read btwn the lines

1 Apr 2016 02:07

The guy is jst playing cards pliz my dia step aside b4 is too late 4 u he doesn't love u he has somebody else .... Mark my words

1 Apr 2016 15:23

juz move on ma dea uyo jamaa n mkoro

2 Apr 2016 17:32

Being busy can at times makes a guy's mind unconsious,moreso when the timeline is stiff and brief! I've been in a such a situation and caused me to be more friendly than being in love;it also happens when the work's agendas becomes more important in the guys mind than anything related to love-making but though the guy remains of much respect,,i'm talking of guys coz it's them I know being one....

3 Apr 2016 05:37

distance r/ships works n i can testify that but communication is key in any relationship and mostly call since on a call u can get know the feelings of ur partner.

7 Apr 2016 21:49

He never loves her anymore cz comunication means alot to lovers so if there is no comunication it means love ended long long ago

11 Apr 2016 11:35

LNG distans is good

14 Apr 2016 14:24

wacha abuni tume ya uchunguzi kama ataki kustep aside

15 Apr 2016 16:11

ooo tell the lady to go to searcging field again

17 Apr 2016 18:00


21 Apr 2016 14:58
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29 Apr 2016 19:59

I love long distance relationships too much