Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - She broke my heart now she is back again.
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1 May 2014 14:12

She broke my heart now she is back to me again. What should i do en i got another relationship with someone who was her best friend?

4 May 2014 11:02

Dare not go back where came from,continue with th curent relation u hv

4 May 2014 14:18

do wht ever u wnt?.

5 May 2014 06:17

she was ua love en was meant for u thus why she is back

5 May 2014 19:51

eti I are in a relationship with her best friend!!!guy uve got guts...

6 May 2014 19:08

Follow ur hrt bt b careful nt to ruin with ur hands wat u built with ur hrt

12 May 2014 22:37


12 May 2014 22:39

En still i av de feelin 2 my 1st love en de one am wit at de moment loves mi. Help?

12 May 2014 22:40

Am confused bro

12 May 2014 22:42

I fear somethings f i accept her love again. Bt still i ll feel guilt bcoz she betrayed mi

12 May 2014 22:42


14 May 2014 16:55

Y her bestfrnd of all da ladies?dis gal luvs u n dats y she is back.

14 May 2014 18:15

jus listen nto ur hrt,,, ad let God guide u,,,,, cz u may reject hr,,, ad myb she z ur tru lv,,, or u accept hr tu gv hr chance tu ruin u wit ur new lover,,,, ur hrt ad God frst z de best ansa.

14 May 2014 22:03

Listen 2 ur hrt

14 May 2014 23:12

Usikubali 2?

14 May 2014 23:42

my dea u've got 2 b vry wise n careful hea.mayb she'z back 2 ruin u cz u loved her b.friend.LISTEN 2 UA HRT WISELY N SEEK GOD.

15 May 2014 13:44

Thats a big blow to her,i like that,u took her friend,haha dats a cold war,..she is now realizing ur importance.

15 May 2014 17:25

Listen to ua heart n do wats gud 4 u

16 May 2014 08:54

Sounds lyk u stl luv her!!! Hyo ndo maana ya msemo "luv is blind" lakini chunga.

16 May 2014 10:11

She broke ua heart n atlast u got somebody to wipe ua tears,it doesn't matter who she is to her,may it be even her sister.The thing is u r in a relationship(a nyc r/ship)forget about her