Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Ladies Love 'bad boys' why?
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8 Mar 2016 06:53

Someone asked me this question at one time,,why do u ladies always like dating bad boys n neglect those who truly love u,, pleasb help me answer this question,,,

8 Mar 2016 22:53

bcoz they are rough n sweet

9 Mar 2016 10:00

Bcoz They Are Very Romantic

9 Mar 2016 11:09

koz thei r pipo

9 Mar 2016 17:18

Bt come to think of it this bad boys you call them romantic are player number one, why not go for those who u can see the love from the heart?

9 Mar 2016 17:20

Die Young kwani hao wengine are nt pple?

9 Mar 2016 20:48

The fact is,bad guys represents real men,in that they're go-getters,straight foward and tough...and that the so-called "gud guys'' are just like women themselves!!

9 Mar 2016 23:58

It is true that ladies will most likely fall 4 the so called BAD or ROUGH BOYS .The reasons might be as many as they can be.

But I think the real reason is one :- CONQUERING ! NB//: Each n every lady,mostly unconscious of the desire in them, wd like to change the man in her life n change her 4 the better. If she is successful in her quest n the man becomes what she views as a gd if not the best, then she knows she has conquered the male "fraternity" n she is most happy. When the efforts dont bear positive fruits, in most cases, they get frustrated n the relationships comes down with a thud.

Also remember, the bad/rough guys are the most outspoken. They dare where the "soft guys" can't dare. ThatIsMaTake!

11 Mar 2016 21:58

bad boys are hot..u knw y?...

12 Mar 2016 22:42

they ain't bad,cuz you go for them thinking you can change them and we know how it ends.
you come out hurt

14 Mar 2016 17:19

Bad boyz like show off & by extent over protective 2 their ladies. Ladies lyk total protection whre they fl they r secure. So the moment a man show those characters, winning a lady's heart is much easier

21 Mar 2016 08:52

Coz sometime those girls ataukiwatel that boy ni bad utakuwa umekoxea, bt girls upenda watu wale waxemi ukweli,

22 Mar 2016 14:25

bad boyz r real men n they knw how to treat alady unlike mamasboy kulialia kila wakati! dem analia chalia analia nani wakuhelp.,.b.boy for life

27 Mar 2016 20:08

You must be bad to be a real man/gentleman?

30 Mar 2016 06:38

Those guys have unique character ie outspoken,brave,energetic,orators, etc which when a chic compares to 'good guys' they easily fall for them bt eventualy come out hurt,heartbroken n desperate in lyf;though some of those 'bad guys' are not as bad as they are thought to be.So it depends on a chic's approach,attitude n determination to change the guy to suit her needs n desires.

3 Apr 2016 11:49

"bad guys" ain't bad they're just being true by showing out who truly they're hence earning more trust than rejects.......better the devil you know than the angel you dont know.

23 Apr 2016 01:34


24 Apr 2016 11:36

wen u get into it u cnt real tel tar ta guy z bad,u wanna learn leita

26 May 2016 08:12

They Lking For Money

19 Jun 2016 21:10

bad boyz are the best men around, gals dont waste ur time 4 this called mamasboyz, gd 4 nothing