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28 Feb 2016 06:27

What your peers say about lifes challenges.

28 Feb 2016 06:29

Maisha n ngumu bt tuji kaze coz kazi kwa vijana pesa kwa mambuyu.

29 Feb 2016 13:02

Nating infakt

29 Feb 2016 14:04

Life Challenges Are Not Permanent They Come And Go So We Need To Overcome Them With Courage

3 Mar 2016 02:55

(This Page Intended for the Overview of IMC GROUP,from past up to present.... )


______IMC GROUP formerly PINAY_BEAUTIES GROUP and it was created by me Azale2477 and my bestfriend Babe24 last Dec.23,2014...and it was exclusive only for PINAY girls...

____After few months ago a group slowly grown up,...not just only PINAY girls who want to join but also many of users from other countries....

___PINAY_Beauties group popularized and first established in topic FORUM last March12,2015 with the efforts of our IMC TOPIC CREATOR Babez_kid...

____ON March 14, 2015, IMC GROUP LAUNCHING. .. Pinay_beauties transform due to our group will counts a large number of members male and female throughout the different parts of the world...

____IMC GROUP has an AIM and rules for the members to follow....

INTERNATIONAL MOBONIANS CLUB (IMC)__ is an organization composed of an ordinary chatters from different countries being united.I azale2477 create this group with my co_creator _bAbe24 with all the respect under MOBOFREE ADMINISTRATION and we are under the protective shields by all mods.


To Support,Respect,and Unite with all of the members.Our vision to promote mutual understanding despite of our cultural differences by means of building a good friendship.All 
members are incourage not to use abussive and explicit words.

IMC has the following rules to follow:

1- Any changes,descision making,and conflict issue in the group shall be discussed with presence of at least 10 mbers.

2- Any member who wish to leave the group shall notify the admin or other member.

3- Members are strictly advise not to ask/send obscene photos or videos.

4- If not necessary, members shall not give out personal information to protect his/her own privacy and security.

5- Racism and discrimination shall not be tolerated.
Any member who violate these rules will be outomatically remove.


A team being respobsible in collecting all members data. They also monitoring group standards on how to improve from time to time...IMC STAFF also supervise all group team to be active on thier duties..


[This position reserve for the moderator who wants to join the group.They have the power to control crimes in this site so they are highly recommended being as our Superiors.They permitted to collaborate some of thier ideas for the group improvements.