Kenyan forum: MoboFree news - why beautiful women dont' make good wifes
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11 Feb 2016 15:39

is it true that incredibly beautiful women doesnt make good wifes guys...come on discuss this help some one out

12 Feb 2016 07:20

That Is Mere Propaganda There Are So Many Beautiful Women Who Are Very Good Wives ,mothers. Only Afew Misguided Beautiful Women Mess Up In Lyfe And They End Up Regreting.

12 Feb 2016 12:45


12 Feb 2016 17:11

Every woman is beautiful, wat matter is her background n Characteristic.

12 Feb 2016 17:20

coz wana maringo mengi

12 Feb 2016 18:45

those are myths

12 Feb 2016 19:00

ina depend na heart

12 Feb 2016 19:06

its true most cute chicks r complicated 2handle cos they tend 2realise their beauty makes them noticed,n tend 2b loose

12 Feb 2016 21:06

dat ix true wako na maringo kibao.

13 Feb 2016 05:47

Of course yes and no.Yes most of them when they realise their beutiness the go arround showing themselfs and gting followed every where thus such does'nt worth be wifes anyway.No women need be beutifull and some embrace this alot and considers there beauty worth respect thus conducting themselfs in a good manner hence becoming good, good wife materials ever huh!

13 Feb 2016 06:51

They think that they are angels, even if they do what they think best of them, they'll finally get somebody to support their livelihood- they have market.

13 Feb 2016 08:54

not all

13 Feb 2016 09:27

ni watu ya kiburi , fake ukora reloaded n paganisim is their faith

13 Feb 2016 15:49

anajua ata akitoka katika ndoa atapata mwingine ju ni mrembo

13 Feb 2016 22:05

Mwanamke mrembo ni steres kwa bwanake

14 Feb 2016 19:51

Show me a woman who isn't beautiful n am gonna tell U y.

15 Feb 2016 08:19

if tat de kec den itabidi ntft de ugliest woman i de wrld ju ctk kuchungulia kaburi mapema ju ya strec...

17 Feb 2016 15:39

many ends in club and koinange because of their pride .

22 Feb 2016 22:04

Quote by Jotham Mugambi
Show me a woman who isn't beautiful n am gonna tell U y.

22 Feb 2016 22:06

hahaha...true true all women are beautiful it depends with whom sees the beauty in her