Kenyan forum: Religion - The end of the world.
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4 Feb 2016 16:26

How will the world end?

4 Feb 2016 18:28
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4 Feb 2016 21:06

Quote by mykegane
Just google this 'signs of a beast' amazing facts


5 Feb 2016 07:45

No Idea At All

5 Feb 2016 11:17

people will end not thi world

5 Feb 2016 13:02


6 Feb 2016 11:52

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7 Feb 2016 22:08

I Have Nthng To Say God Knows

10 Feb 2016 19:19

confused humans will terminate life in this world

12 Feb 2016 07:17

Well, the world shall surely come to an end, but not before some chronological events like rapture of the church, then 7 yrs of antichrist government (tribulations)..this's where the jews get attacked by other nations not excluding its common enemies the ishimaelites (wisdom needed here to crack that out) but are defeated while israel wins. 1000 yrs reign of King Jesus {second coming} follows. This's when satan is chained not to deceive people while Jesus is setting a prototype of heavenly kingdom on earth, the strongman (satan) shall be loosen for a short while soon after the millennium kingdom to test those who would've been born during the reign of Jesus, and to make the last war against ALL people in the battle we all familiar with the name of (ARMAGEDDON) after which, (satan, antichrist & the false prophet) shall be cast into the lake of fire.. After this events, people are judged, those that rejected Jesus to eternal damnation, while those that accepted Him as Lord and saviour to everlasting life. After these events is when the world comes to an end .The heaven is rolled away, and the earth (world) is blown like dust.

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