Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Choosing wife or husband material.
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29 Jan 2016 04:51

What criteria do you use to identify someone the best partner to start life with after dating for a good duration?

29 Jan 2016 10:16

likes and behaviour of the girl if she party most not wife material

29 Jan 2016 10:25

U Usually Tell By Someones Character People Should Not Be Deceived Bcoz Someone Is Beautiful Or Handsome U Need To Know Her/him First Before U Decide To Make Her A Wife Or Husband.

29 Jan 2016 11:47

Xcters,likes en being uaself not 1 who pretend am so en so en yet not

29 Jan 2016 11:50


29 Jan 2016 18:50

Someone so understanding.n who can cheer u up when u r so down. Some1 who will always want 2 put a smile on ur face,who doesnt always care only about himself.

2 Feb 2016 08:34

Both the couple must give respect to each other , they should caring to each other

2 Jul 2016 13:53

consider skills & qualifications 4 mariage