Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - how would you start a conversation to someone you no longer ,love?
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26 Jan 2016 11:24

How would you break news to a woman that u r no longer in love with her?.

27 Jan 2016 10:46

You Should Tell Her Immediately U Discover That U Are Not Intrested With Her, So That She Can Plan How To Cope Up With The Heartbreak And Move On With Her Life.

27 Jan 2016 12:02

You stop making ful out of her en gvng her false ope

27 Jan 2016 17:11

By teling it to haaa n not hiding it

29 Jan 2016 09:15

hit the nail on the head jokingly en then be serious

4 Feb 2016 06:57

The sooner the better dont let it get to apoint she/he feels betraye and In what ever u say dnt make her or him feel its