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9 Dec 2015 13:29

'em wise to fit in with a positive mind.
Creating words n participating as a major,
Starting a sentence with the last word of the last line
e.g,"lets chat".then u,"chat about wat?"

9 Dec 2015 13:31

watever u like to pass time.

10 Dec 2015 13:53

time dey say is money is it tru??

10 Dec 2015 20:53

true?maybe,but not sure of it

10 Dec 2015 21:10

it woz the best idea ever?

10 Dec 2015 22:23

ever really?

11 Dec 2015 08:47

Really is to press hard on it
...wasted chances,somethin of old.termed as 'then'..
who's around?
..i am

11 Dec 2015 09:13

am told that if something meant for it will go n come back..but if it wasn't meant for u it will go n never come this a fact!

11 Dec 2015 09:42

Facts never bring doubts.,wat do u feel 'bout the words?

12 Dec 2015 13:51


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15 Dec 2015 18:44 wat is next fr discussion?

16 Dec 2015 06:42

discussion was meant for the persons who were engaged to the topic..few pple have the idea isn't it?

16 Dec 2015 19:15


16 Dec 2015 23:56

hu brought up dis game? oh Yes Ikonini, I tink shld help new frnds to play n nt spoil de sequence ...dat wat I tink

17 Dec 2015 04:20

Dat wat i tink's simple n u not doing bad...playin wit words,creatin a conversation.thr's no major but all has equal opportunity.u carry-on 2 the next line using the last word,a wisemen chatroom

17 Dec 2015 09:02

Quote by IkoNini

When poverty knocks n u tell her theres no seat she tells u not to worry coz she brought her own stool

17 Dec 2015 11:41

stool she tinks are only reserved fr de ladies n don't tink guys also lyk to be pampered n also be given dat too.....oh ladies, hmmmm......

17 Dec 2015 12:19

hmmmm...n wat ima ask if so is "how long r u staying?" hehe

17 Dec 2015 12:33

hehe......very funny hw most ladies expect to be valued lyk Gold n to treat de guy lyk a slave always ..... just becos de she knws de guy loves her .... dats too much

18 Dec 2015 11:44

Much of which they've not sweat 4...we only offer to 'em coz the future is female