Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - what would you do if you find out that your lover is having an affair with his/her guardian?
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13 Nov 2015 23:57

I heard a stories on kiss 100 ,, a girl dating her dad

what if wewe kama dame ama chari ,you find out the person you love most is having an affair with biological parents?

16 Nov 2015 18:10

Kil te dad

16 Nov 2015 19:41

I dnt thnk it will be fear to me, I wll leave her 4eve and 4get i had her.

16 Nov 2015 21:21

Quit n start afresh

18 Nov 2015 22:18

It's a massive sin

20 Nov 2015 17:01


20 Nov 2015 20:43

just 4give and 4get,ad move on with my life,abt de chari cutoff da frdship.