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11 Nov 2015 05:47

It's time to stop crys and arm to save kenya! Young nation is almost dead,men not men enough!WHAT DO WE DO?

11 Nov 2015 05:49

May GOD GUIDE our nation

11 Nov 2015 05:50

Quote by "MARKVICTOR.7"
May GOD GUIDE our nation

12 Nov 2015 07:47

there's absolutely nthn we can do considering the massive tribalism in every sector of this country...we just need divine intervention

12 Nov 2015 15:39

We r a praying nation whether real or fake. The most important thng is 2 give credit & descredit whre its due. Tribalism, corruption, & lacking a voice of reason 2 c wats ideal 4 this nation is surely driving us back. Let those who cn stand up & b counted that they stood up 4 the good of this lovely nation stand firm. At the end of day day we r all Kenyans thus will remain indebted 2 her irrespective of our stands & political affiliations

14 Nov 2015 15:51

Stop using thngs tat kill pple