Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - I HAVE A CRUSH ON CERTAIN GIRL
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26 Oct 2015 12:05

What's a good song to dedicate to your crush that has a boyfriend ?
I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend and I would like to just sing her a song like for example the song, I wish by one direction It's.

26 Oct 2015 12:07

What song would make her heart melt

27 Oct 2015 11:00

If I was ua man by joe

27 Oct 2015 12:51

Daktari wa mapenzi by Mzee Yusuf

27 Oct 2015 20:18

you want to snatch someone's gf ?well if she's not in a serious relation go ahead ,try this one BABY I LOVE YOU by Chris Martin

27 Oct 2015 20:35

tunga wimbo was mahaba...Kuwa original tens uipambe name maneno matamu

2 Nov 2015 08:14

Love is all about game of thrones the one who plays well wins, I really like her personality I have great crush am trying all means to win her. Please help me with songs I will make my own lyrics

2 Nov 2015 10:14

Queen of my heart by westlife.

3 Nov 2015 21:29

christina perri a thousand years ' jst siple song to sing bt the best

3 Nov 2015 22:35

When I see you smile, by Uncle Sam

4 Nov 2015 11:34

natamani by brown

7 Nov 2015 09:40

im luvd bt feek nothing baybe by me and i

7 Nov 2015 21:41

if I was your Joe

8 Nov 2015 20:17

come on baby come on by don carlos

9 Nov 2015 09:10

Find out wat she lyks da most n use dat 2 win ha hrt,bt also remember if ha hrt belongs 2 some1 else u cn neva hv ha.

9 Nov 2015 09:19
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13 Nov 2015 12:32

broken heart by Alicia keys