Kenyan forum: Other - is FIRST IMPRESSION the best way to know a stranger's character?
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24 Oct 2015 09:20

We all meet different kinds of pple everyday. obviously with some pple it is easy to infer the kind of pple they are through an image u create of them. but should this impression be trusted??

24 Oct 2015 09:24

for me it is not because it is hard to knw who someone is before interacting with them

25 Oct 2015 23:34

As english men said "dont judge a book by its cover",well concliding things just by seeing them you will fail ,pple are 100% different spiritually and emotionally,,
Persons character say much about them

27 Oct 2015 11:27

No its bad 2 jaj a buk by the kava

27 Oct 2015 16:56

Quote by Dieyounng
No its bad 2 jaj a buk by the kava

even worse that everyone does it sometimes

8 Nov 2015 03:32

Invite him/her for a dinner lunch or some party & ull see more than that character yu claim.