Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Men changing after marriage
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24 Oct 2015 00:33

Nasema hivi wanaume usafi udumishwe ,most of you when you marry you feel being upgraded ,reached to your destination where by before a man used to be smart ,akifika kwa mlango anavua socks anaeka kwa kikapu cha nguo chafu

Now after getting married this man even doesn't remove his shoes in the name of this is my house,others waiting for the wife to remove him in the name of love
kuingia he used to go directly to bathroom now doesn't bother till the wife forces him thats why most of you keep complaining ooh my wife she's not romantic ooh my wife usually tells me "nkimaliza numfunike," Do you expect her to be romantin kama ilikojoa hadi mikono hukuoga some dont brush their teeth All day smoking cigarettes ,bhangi zote hadi pk haezi nunua @tleast aache kunuka ,seriously and still want a kiss from his wife

Wife doesn't sleep comfortable juu ya miguu kunuka
do you expect her to do naughty things to you when you dont even shave karura forest
when you got married you were looking for your rib not an employee in your house ,

cleanliness is 2nd to Godliness
True or false??

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25 Oct 2015 19:13

Style up.

25 Oct 2015 23:03

Quote by MARK2233
Style up.

yes men need to change

25 Oct 2015 23:04

Ati hadi kachupi lazima bibi amwambie vaa hii safi asopifanya hivo ,,some huvaa 1 per week

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26 Oct 2015 21:06

While men av bn the 1ns who all fuss has bn directed wth the comments in ths forum, I av flng it cut across both sexes. Sm ladies also do make men change their attitude the moment they step in as wives. Actually its a 2 way traffic whre each shld b the others keeper.

9 Nov 2015 09:29

Its ur responsibility as his wife 2 mak sure he kams out vry outstandin,so stp complainin n mak him admirable/adorable.