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23 Oct 2015 12:17

Of late we've seen some politicians having serious verbal confrontations of which some are too personal and most are so demeaning and sometimes make you wonder what kind of 'role models' we have for our children. DO YOU THINK OUR LEADERS ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK OR THEY'VE GONE TOO FAR ?

23 Oct 2015 12:20

as per my opinion, if they are right then we have to review the meaning of the word 'right' perhaps the word could be meaning something else

25 Oct 2015 23:26

These pple call themselves "politicians" they only struggle for famous ,taming citizens with their fake premises ,but if citizens do not allow them ,listen to them ,they could have not gone this far,i fear nowadays to say am proud to be a kanyan coz now kenya belongs to them,everywhere even in funerals only siasa zao,kenyan shilling is loosing value due to curruption in the governmen,money stolen by rats but no one to pioson or trap them ,rich becoming wealthy,poor becoming poorer,

if kenyans could be united and stop tribalism which is there because of them,twaweza wakomesha,but mtu ajililia mwenyewe hafikilii coming generation,watafuata huo huo mwendo na kenya itakuwa wapi?