Kenyan forum: Other - KID GAMES THAT ADULTS PLAY
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20 Oct 2015 14:03

Alright, here we are. Do you ever feel that some 'old' guy somewhere is doing something that they shouldnt do and in turn cause u to question their maturity? if so please share it out and help someone TO GROW UP

20 Oct 2015 14:13

KILLING/MURDERING isnt a solution to any problem and instead it adds a bigger problem unto a small manageable problem.Real Adults give dialogue a chance and find the real solution

21 Oct 2015 10:54

No,games is to relax some ones mind.

21 Oct 2015 12:56

Whats the problem u guyz?

21 Oct 2015 14:06

Ile ya nyoka

21 Oct 2015 17:30

should b, adult games that kids play nowadays

21 Oct 2015 18:11

Quote by "ketypery"
should b, adult games that kids play nowadays

Very true watoto wamekuwa watu wazima

21 Oct 2015 20:36

Mchezo ni mchezo anyone can play ,but itadepend na reason ,

well parent can play together with their kids just to show them love
others do for enjoyment /having fun, too much seriousness can cause depression

21 Oct 2015 20:42

Ka mtu aliruka hiyo stage akiwa mtoto akiwa mtu mzima atarudia hiyo stage.