Kenyan forum: Jokes - challenging story
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22 Apr 2014 10:22

imagine u r ina burning house ad u hav only 2 things 2 out with.Wich 2 of them can u take 4rm the list;(1)$D worth 5m [2)ur lover [3]ur 5yr old child [4]ur father [5]ur mother [6]a bible [7]ur clothes.U hav 2 options 2 chooce.

22 Apr 2014 14:57

My mum n dad!

22 Apr 2014 18:10

the bible i can buy,i can take th kid en mum.

25 Apr 2014 10:21

well,bible nitanunua ingine,chapaa nitatafuta mum en dad watashaliwa tena so the only two options ni the child en my lover

25 Apr 2014 10:23

@ miryam9 do my point make sense?

25 Apr 2014 11:07

Geoffrey i dont conquer with u bcoz imagn,if t's a kid u'l get another one,if t's the bible u'l buy another one, doh u'l make another one but wat abt ur mum n dad, wea will u get another ones? Tell me! Rem wa kambo r nt ur real parents,, xo think abt that!

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25 Apr 2014 12:00

@maryam9 u'll name ua watoto after ua parents so that there wud be no tym watashahaulika ebu think of looshing ua toto en proberbly hautablecwa na mwingine...

Edited by geoffreykamaungugi / 25 Apr 2014 12:28
25 Apr 2014 13:33

Excuse me Geoffrey namin ur chidren after ur parents will nt bring them back,, ul get more children,, ul av another luver,, ul make more n great money,, but u wont get another parents,,imagn the luv n care u get frm ur parent, u'l luz them, the worry n motherly affection,,!No tell me Geoffrey how will that be replaced? ad rather save my parents from the fire,,n let them juz die peacefully wen their tym come bt nt wen i av the chance tew save them! Geoffrey,,,?

25 Apr 2014 15:39

my dia maryam why do we name after our parent c its bcoz their names ishipotee thus why i wud preffer the lover ili mwixowe ablezcwe nawao watoto to represent my parents to pay that debt plus saving the lover indacating that she\he is part of u en ataendelexa ua generation get my point en look at the other syd of the coin my siz

26 Apr 2014 21:05

In diz case ma parents will come 1st,in diz life,al always have only 1 dad,n 1 mum,u can never replace ur parents,its painfull to loose a baby,but i know God will bless me wit more babies,a lover,naweza get mwingine,just da same way he can easlly replace me,but ma dad,n ma mum,i can never replace them,

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28 Apr 2014 14:17

That's t catielynne,,, plz xay thiz tew geoffrey once again parents r nt replacable u'v only one dad n one mum,, but ul have more than one luver, more children, more money, more bibles,, think abt t geoffrey!!

Edited by Maryam9 / 28 Apr 2014 14:18
28 Apr 2014 16:44

Ad save my mum en ma kid that's it

28 Apr 2014 17:02

my mum and my wife. With wife tutapata mtoi mwingne

28 Apr 2014 17:34

my stand remains strong @catielynn en maryam9 en thou they said damu ninzitoh kuliko maji waowao ndo walizema eti wan will wacha mom en dad aende akajenge kwake thus why naokoa my lover na mtoi!

28 Apr 2014 20:15

i cn save ma mum ad ma child,, baba naezapata mwingine na lover also,

28 Apr 2014 22:04

Money and child

29 Apr 2014 00:18

my lover and my mum coz i dont think i wil eva replace thoxe 2

29 Apr 2014 00:20

My chald and one of my parents

29 Apr 2014 20:17

mmh!im still reading ur cmnts jst cntinue

14 Jun 2014 15:02

Pesa na mtoto.

Bible i can buy another one,lover i can get another one, ma parents naweza wazaa and clothes are not anything to think about.