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15 Oct 2015 15:58

Siku hizi naona vijana wanatafuna madame wenye wako na ndoo ,,hadi utapata wengine washa oleka,, would you keep a guy in your house as a husband ??,,would you allow to be kept in a ladys house?? :gr
Who to blame/whos mistake?

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16 Oct 2015 14:24
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16 Oct 2015 14:35

This behaviour of guyz dating a woman ,staying in her home ,even paying his school fees ,,everything he depends on that lady,,as for me i cant
1st because this guy he might be using me later after he's done with his education,he gets a good job finds another woman and marry her,,its very hurtful trusting someone after dissappointing you,,
2nd its not a good image to our future generation,,
3nd its doing agaist our culture and behaviours
and for those men who accept to his life maybe they are lazy bones and those who think they very genius thats why most of them end up being housewives instead locked up in that house .....doing all chores more looking after the baby,,,where are we heading to?

16 Oct 2015 14:38

Quote by Carles254
mwanaume kamili ka mm?? apana :mad

wako na wanafurahia maisha

20 Oct 2015 12:13

Everything is done out of fancy not of love
Deep down his heart,question flow like water in a river
Some its circumstances that make them to venture into such acts