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5 Oct 2015 22:54

Why is this pastime so popular among youths today?

5 Oct 2015 22:58

Other youths see it as simply a way to fight boredom.

13 Oct 2015 10:15

Its koz tei av natng 2 do

14 Nov 2015 04:21

Vijana acheni hiyo coz ndo mnaona mnakufa lori ya mafuta ya petrol iki du accident.

3 Dec 2015 16:50

Alot pple complaining that kenya theres no jobs yet many are graduates ,,

Nowadays applying job they need experienced pple ,what about those are mono in those works ,they will never have the opportunity to show their capality leading to idlenes but does it mean to waste your education in the village alot of job vacancies in middle east eeeh upande ndege ,,

There are several ways to connect to trusted offices fight boredom struggle this is your life YES YOU CAN DO IT