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5 Oct 2015 16:07

How can i cope with a failed romance?

5 Oct 2015 16:14

if you have been hurt by a failed romantic relationship,this lament may sound familiar.

6 Oct 2015 17:56

No one is perfect

11 Oct 2015 06:54

Learn to 4get

13 Oct 2015 10:17

Jst 4get

15 Oct 2015 14:03

B4 mtu afike stage ya kuoleka ,,we meet different kind of pple where most fail ,take it a challenge learn from your past how to cope up in the next relation , this is life and we have to face it

15 Oct 2015 15:55


15 Oct 2015 21:22

The first n most important step is indentifying with the hurt I.e admiting that the current situation is real. If its over its over, it hurts I know, thus U forge a way forward. However don't try 2 force urself forget the person who meant heaven n earth 2 U,the more U force urself 2 forget the more U remember them.

25 Oct 2015 21:37

Usilazimishe urafiki kama mwenzio hataki.

30 Oct 2015 10:20

Change da midea

1 Nov 2015 19:25

when someone walks out of ur life,thank God 4 giving u a chance to find someone better.feel hppy bt remmbr lv hurts at points.

22 Jan 2016 16:59

Share Coke hahaaa.

23 Jan 2016 09:23

Its Very Painful When A Relationship Fails To Work But U Have To Be Strong And Move On U Will Find Someone Better Than Him Or Her.