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11 Sep 2015 17:23

Why should i apologize if both of us messed up?

11 Sep 2015 17:26

Withholding an apology becomes a way of declaring your innocence.

15 Sep 2015 10:26

Koz u mesd

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16 Sep 2015 19:53

for mending the broken bridges and strings that were as to strength the relationship

17 Sep 2015 07:38

y should i

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18 Sep 2015 06:04

This wil create room for both of u to talk n share...Thus u can solve ur problems easily

18 Sep 2015 11:48

bcoz u messed up en ur the reasonable one in that case. Plus we all need to wake up and stop playing the blame game en excuses wont take as anywhere so first we have to admit we made mistakes n apologize, forgive forget en move forward

5 Oct 2015 00:11

to cut short more arguments wch might cause a break to the beautiful thing u too av together

26 Oct 2015 02:04

Hakuna gharama kusema 2 pole