Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - does tribe matter when dating?
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19 Apr 2014 01:13

does really tribe matters in dating process like am a kuik so i have to date a kuik guy???

26 Apr 2014 15:10


21 Oct 2014 23:08

no it doesnt matter at all

21 Oct 2014 23:20

Dating.... Mmmmmh...nop,nt really. Buh with life partner,yes yes Babianca

21 Oct 2014 23:27

No it doesnt coz we r one tribe n dat Gods tribe....

21 Oct 2014 23:36

i used to cheat myself that it doesnt matte but av come to realize its a big deal coz it will determine ur culture in terms of food, sex, romance

22 Oct 2014 04:24

Wether white, black , green. we r all one, from one image of the most high God. tribe is nothing to do with love. its so said love is blind.

22 Oct 2014 04:54

Hakuna vitu kama hizo

22 Oct 2014 08:50

It matters alot in many communities infact it has gone farther and stronger into Dominations. Eg Muslim n xtians etc.

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22 Oct 2014 09:44

Tribe doesnt and shouldnt matter w@soeva but - the level of ones maturity does matter - coz for smone to strt saying i cant b with u coz u r frm so and so tribe, it shws how mature they r...

22 Oct 2014 09:45

Tribe doesn't mata at al...So long u 2 lav each atha.,evrytin els iz nonsense...

22 Oct 2014 11:40

4real love tribe is nothing lv overcomes all.

22 Oct 2014 11:52

Many pple value tribe but few dont mind, infact dominion worsen all eg muslim dont intermarry with Xtians, n if any 1Percent!

23 Oct 2014 18:25

Nope. It doesn't.

23 Oct 2014 18:40

What matters is love my dear friends

23 Oct 2014 19:08

tribe doesnt matter when dating,marriage is another thng al together..

23 Oct 2014 19:48


23 Oct 2014 19:58
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23 Oct 2014 20:07

No No No, it doesn't but the feelings are the most important aspect .if you love you accept all the differences n whether bad or good.

23 Oct 2014 20:31

not all that coz this isn't the 21st centuary,things are different and this generation contributes to opposition of that tribe issue. why date a person for only 5 days and change just because she/he is a tribe mate? may be otherwise!. juss suggesting