Kenyan forum: Other - Cheaters and stealers online
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27 Aug 2015 21:34

Attn. There are this ladies here at in mobofree that are sending messages to offer a free visas to enter europe and to offer jobs of good salaries or even to be married. well of this are lies to cheat and steal from you.dont listen to them they will make you pay pay and pay untill you got no money left.they are internal fraud organisations and they are using this beautiful ladies to lure you in their trap. So of them are here now. So please my dear fellows. Watch them out.

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28 Aug 2015 11:21

Miss JILL SMITH. user name (jsmthforlove) is assistant director of adexec footwear company in canada. Is here offering jobs or even to be married. If you see her message please ignore it. She is one of them ladies used to lure you into there trap to cheat and to steal from you. my dear fellows, watch this out. NOTE, there is no email address of a canadian immigration lawyers ending with- (

28 Aug 2015 11:25

I've got her messages n blacklistd her severally n "she" stil writes to me. i replied you SCAMMER OFF MY PROFILE

28 Aug 2015 11:37

Thank you lets try and help our friends here not to be cheated and BITTEN by this internal fraud criminal organisations. Here at MOBOFREE!!!

29 Aug 2015 09:54

N why avent I recivd de txt,sam1 tel thm I wnt di msg

30 Aug 2015 10:57

some tell you that they are living in a refugee camp in dakar,senegal as a result of war in their home country their fathers left them some money in backs and they want you to help them get the money and bring them out of the refugee camp.they mostly use 'hotmail' emails watch out they are fraudsters.

31 Aug 2015 08:40

Like those in dakar are so many and very band

1 Sep 2015 18:55

Thnks guys,it is true,i ave received from the false canadian and the senegalese,na ni warembo-shindwe katika jina la yes

2 Sep 2015 16:51

Guys this is true. please be keen and don't even wish to chat with them because they have true lies that might tempt you to try...

2 Sep 2015 17:56

I have been receiving these kinda of messages

3 Sep 2015 01:23

blast them

3 Sep 2015 09:18

Its not only the ladies alone.There also guys here who r asking for money.They pretend to be in USA Army but not true.Thy r scammers from west Africa.Be cautioned

3 Sep 2015 09:31
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3 Sep 2015 21:39

guyz this fella thinx they r smarter fuck em

3 Sep 2015 21:58

there is ths lady knwn as hopemyl in mobofree'ths lady is a cornlady'be aware guyz!!!

7 Sep 2015 11:15

Actualy its true i have received a similar text in hotmail of a girl claiming to be dakar thanks waa i could have fallen for that bullshit

7 Sep 2015 13:10

If u give u money on that offering job,visa or wat so ever in here.. Den! u r so stupid! We aren't innocent on dat bad activity of scammer

7 Sep 2015 14:14

i just said this mother fuckers don.t know sheet. if they scam u. ur fucked up fella

7 Sep 2015 23:31

Shun Evil...just got a massage from someone called "illuminatimaster" asking me to join the group if i want to b rich.....Pals,pray hard and do not fall into temptation....its better to b poor.

7 Sep 2015 23:45

#ff0000Thanks for bringing this topic.
Real friends offer such kind of information since hackers and cheaters have emerged in full gear to drive all of us to a pit.