Kenyan forum: Religion - Are we lost in the battle for humanity
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14 Aug 2015 13:38

If its corrosive to ur ear,search for a neutral
ground,if its hard to crack ur head,super heat
the water n immerse ur head.its true that
already most of our youths have been
consuming alot of bombs on a daily basis,the
resultant effect is what we see unfolding round
us right,now.mass insanity,loss of rational
thinking,loss of capable workforce,youths who
are like the red indians who cannot work for
long,skyrocketing cases of kidney dialysis
among youths,increase in rape cases and other
crimes,while all this,is going on,what happens
is that our minds are expertly distracted away
by staged political drama,games,lot
taries,violent games,cooperate advancement in
the society,am tired of seeing our youths being
overfed and overmedicated while the profit
making chain goes from feeding u wrongly
then get to the hospital,they treat you,again
with chemicals so that it becomes a for profit
org.our youths,know that ur only valued by
your tax and disease management profits.not
innovation or creativity.question where,are
we,moving if we have become mere mutants
who are being smoked and transported to their
graves before finally the system discards u.if
ur a youth ur existence is not by coincidence
wake up n look around,u whats happening n
make conclusion if u haveba shred of life to
live in few yrs to come.ur beloved brother and
medical missionary Dr Owuor Agutu.Be sure to
get series of this.the topic,was are we lost in
the battle for humanity?

14 Aug 2015 14:38

Actually uv touched on many issues tht affect the current humanity.. Thou al isnt lost as thre is time 2 redeem 1 self as tht time is now rather than wait 4 2moro.. Actually alot of filth is happening around thou each human has a responsibility 2 play by teaching the conforming morals 2 the new generation plus relying wholly on God's guidance plus his teachings 2 make us live a humble life.. If u & I throw in the towel then we r doomed..

14 Aug 2015 15:17

thanx my brother the journey starts,now.its me n u to proclaim the real mischief,n,evil happening continously under the sun,as solomon the wise rapidly,emphasised in,ecclesiastes.that which was in the past will be in,the future.there is no knew thing under the sun.completely no one can turn the debate instead lets all have one common purpose and,defend the humanity.we cannot survive without nature but nature,can survive without us.the center stage for Gods creation has become a hotbed for evil,but blindness has thrown most of us into doom.if i may ask,out of curiosity who understood the last national budget? atleast none understood,bt al the same Gods pple shall not live with this evil.wakeup ur not a mere,creature but an important,person in the hierachy of ur eyes.if ur,asleep wakeup.stop good for nothing arguments.God is not pleased,by deaths as a,result of, some proclaim,let me enjoy coz morrow i,will,die.know,this for whatever ur capable of God would you,responsible if u is,a gift from God,live it the way God wants u to live it not the way u will,given in the garden of,eden is still with us use it to know ur place.we are amid the,closing scenes of this world bt r u ready for third world war which is underway,will u be found blameless before God? without sport.?work ur way to,heaven now.make ur election sure,preserve the higher powers,vested in you

15 Aug 2015 21:19