Kenyan forum: Other - Why 'SEXUAL IMMORALITY' is a unique sin
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10 Aug 2015 19:52

It is written that there is no small or big sin, sin is just sin. But there is a reason that makes sexual sin unique. Here's why

10 Aug 2015 19:54
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10 Aug 2015 19:55

It is the only sin committed within someone's body (refer 1 corinthians 6:12-19), Others are outside the body

10 Aug 2015 20:05

Secondly, it is a universal sin(meaning that it is prohibited by all religions and cultures in the world). So there is no one who can claim not to know that it is sin

11 Aug 2015 14:06

No wonder the act(sexual---INTERCOARSE

12 Aug 2015 23:22

Not all sex

13 Aug 2015 11:39

Coz One Drives Away The Holy Spirit Who Dwells In The Body Hence Satan Will Come In-God may help me & you from commiting this sin

13 Aug 2015 14:46

Quote by Dieyounng
Not all sex

The opposite is true. Believe it or not

16 Aug 2015 12:50

Not all sex