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13 Apr 2014 22:26

is there love without money? lets be honest...

14 Apr 2014 21:06

kwash, money is not everytg but u can love en make money together.its better to start together than th ready to eat on th table.

15 Apr 2014 06:38

money must b thea kwani will yu eat love???

Edited by solo xolo / 15 Apr 2014 06:40
15 Apr 2014 07:34

@solo,u mean u cnt lve mtu hana ndo?me i want mwenye hana pesa lakini ako na bidii,tutafute.any one interestd?

15 Apr 2014 12:18

fay i have been left severaly coz am broke so i hv experience

15 Apr 2014 13:10

solo,kama u drive gari big wachana na wale wa magari makubwa,kamahauna gari basi wachana na wale na drive,it simple like dat.

15 Apr 2014 14:13

Kwash when searching for true love you dont look @ wealth coz God is after our clean hearts without money

16 Apr 2014 14:06

Since wen did money buy luv? As 4 me i need a guy with nothin but works hard 2wards havin t! Wen u start demandin 4 money from ur partner thats the beginnin of luzin ur luv!! Money s nt everythin bt juz destructor!

16 Apr 2014 16:46

fay wat if i lov a chick n she doesnt lov me bak coz am broke?? @maryam thts ur thinkin bt nt every gal is like tht wengine heri walie kwa rangerover esp gals of nowadays. so money can and hv in many occasions bought lov n thts the trend ckuizi

21 Apr 2014 08:35

I can't luk 4 1 with money coz she can kick u out at any tym. For the case of men mistreat a gal coz they accepted them 4 money.

21 Apr 2014 18:00

@solo humble beggining is the best,ok u can b both rich that ok,but loving som1 bcoz thy r rich this is a dis'se,love sm1 for who they r not wat they av.solo sm gals en guys r like ants thy stand wit u en leave u falling,bcoz thy av eatn evytg.

22 Apr 2014 13:25

i think nowdays these chiqs want financially stable men,therefor kama bwoy ako na doo anatafta mchiqi klas yake..mwanaume ni kujikaza

22 Apr 2014 14:07

for me i cant love a guy whose broke bt still that doesnt mean am a gold digger or i lov him 4 money...Am earning yes bt still i wldnt want sm1 broke, i nid sm1 with more money cos am used 2 getting wat i want so he has 2b ahead of me love without money is not there nowadays....

22 Apr 2014 17:16

very true, luv 1st then ua heads 2gether to get wat u want in life

22 Apr 2014 22:25

i believe money is the fluid we need in life but it aint the uttermost THING we should be putting first in our lives.

23 Apr 2014 06:38

Together u may make lots than u never imagined n thats wat we kol luv

23 Apr 2014 11:47

hy fóot subishi is tha bxt car

23 Apr 2014 13:42

thanks guys for ur feedback

23 Apr 2014 20:16

2 me, money is not worth enough 2 buy,maintain and keep love.the 2 should be focused in order 2 suppliment their 2 me i need a simple n hardwrkn gal

24 Apr 2014 04:52

If its the threshhold by whch 1 is using 2 choose then thre is a big point missed.. While i may nt deny it has a role 2 play in aiding in certain areas, lets love wthout condition eti kama mtu hana mchuzi basi hakubaliki