Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Can realy money buy true love?
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2 Aug 2015 12:41

Can realy money buy true love?I hope many men are asking this quesion.Many ladies are now searching for rich men with good jobs to date them or even marry them and after they spend all wat u have,they ditch u and go to another man,i have seen it happen to my friends.What abt jobless men,will they marry or date these ladies?

4 Aug 2015 14:47

Now a days we cant say only women but also jobless men do get in with a working lady

well true love is not about wealthy or richness one possesses ,true love comes from the heart,,but if a woman get such a man support him ,they search wealth together after the men dump the woman with "gold diggers" it really hurts ,

4 Aug 2015 14:57

i dont thnk it kan buy

4 Aug 2015 15:42

FOR MEN;Today if you don't make money you don't make sense,thinking of finding love while you r broke is a crime punishable by the law. From my point of view,True Love DOESN'T exist in our current generation

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4 Aug 2015 15:48

I bliv if money can start growing on trees,,,,women would bcom monkeys

5 Aug 2015 08:57


5 Aug 2015 09:09

Yeah today it does,it spice up the love but without it,your love can break up unexpectedly when she finds arich man..k.

5 Aug 2015 13:12

Somethngs cnt b denied while they r in existence 4 ppl 2 c.. Currently the mentality of evry sex is money is evrythng while tht shldnt b the case.. Money may play some role but it shldnt b the gauge on whch 2 measure hw 2 love some1.. Love formed out of Material wealth is doomed 2 fail

5 Aug 2015 14:16

Dear lisah,i hope u will agree with me that its 1 out of 100 ladies who can love a jobless man

5 Aug 2015 14:21

Nowdays it buys without money no love

6 Aug 2015 20:09

get rich or die tryin.(MONEY IZ POWER)

6 Aug 2015 22:18

Love With Out Money Is Like A House WithOut A Pillar

7 Aug 2015 16:01

i believe in love

7 Aug 2015 23:10

Doest it rly buy?? 2 mi i thnks its tea 2 mentain only

8 Aug 2015 10:49

Well,money cannot buy love,though the fact that jobless men and women are searching for the well off to be their soulmate is very true.I totally disagree with it.

9 Aug 2015 16:26

how can i stick or be faithful to u wen u cant even afford to buy for me lotion jst imagine. . . . ???u men u have to wa

9 Aug 2015 21:50

Starehe ni gharama

11 Aug 2015 08:29

YES/NO!money can cultivate love

11 Aug 2015 18:20

Take milion pounds direct to God to buy HIS true love n I'll bring Ten milion ponds to you to buy ur true love. Take ur heart to God to get true love n I'll give u my heart. Understand? tena nitanunua mapenzi?? ama nitanunua shamba? nijibu tu.

11 Aug 2015 22:36

money can't buy lv. love is inside UA heart that is Godly who bought is live