Kenyan forum: Other - Sheng' language/ shortcut words!
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1 Aug 2015 14:40

I call it "unkown language" coz sometimes it sucks,,well apart from that pple enjoy using it either speaking or in scripts with shortcut words,

how do you take it personality ?

Frnds lets share our opinions

5 Aug 2015 19:55

1. Mother- Mathee
(ma-they), Mum,
matha (pronounced
like ‘mother’), old
lady. Use the words
‘mathee’ and ‘matha ‘
with caution as they
may be disrespectful
in some settings, if
you want to play
safe, then call her
2. Father- Buda
(pronounced as it
is), mbuyu (m-bu-
you), old man, mzae
3. Sister- sis, mtasis(m-
4. Brother- Bro, broda
5. Grandmother- Shosh
(show-sh), mnyanye
(m-nya-nye). It is
worth noting that
the ‘nya’ sound is
similar to ‘ña’ in
spanish in the word
6. Grandfather-
Grandpa, guka (gu-
7. Cousin- Cuzo (cuu-
8. Wife- wife
9. Husband- Huzzy
(Her-zi), Hubby.
10. Mistress/man you
are having an affair
with- Mpango wa
kando (m-pango wa
ka-ndo), in Kiswahili
it literally translates
to a side
Clande (clan-day)

8 Aug 2015 01:14

Am not smart in Sheng' slang but I still I support it for various rsons; main rson being,,Sheng *LIGHTEN'S WORDS, imgn you want to tell a friend to Stop Misbehavin without hurtin or embarrasin him/her. In the formal Kiswahili it's "Wacha tabia mbaya" which sounds unfrndly en rude,in sheng it wld be "Acha za ovyo" which is a bit polite

8 Aug 2015 10:52

Sheng' Ziko Xete Short Writen Words Pouwa Pia Znasaidia Kuepuka Wrong Spelings

10 Aug 2015 22:36

sheng ndio kuchipuka...totally luv it....kwanza kukunguta miwa kungukungu.....waiwa jo...totaly luuuuv it..