Kenyan forum: Other - WHAT BREAKS YOUR HEART MOST??
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14 Jul 2015 11:05

In life there are things that make us feel lifeless despite being alive and cause us inner pain. Some are as result of nature, ignorance, neglect or mistakes. They are part of life and the best way to deal with them is sharing them out. What is it that makes u a walking corpes or makes u feel terribly hurt??

14 Jul 2015 11:09

A woman dumping an infant in a dustbin. It really hurts to see an innocent child grow up in the streets. If a woman is not ready to raise a baby, let her not conceive..

14 Jul 2015 14:00

Politicians putting lifes of citizens at stake for their own selfish political gains. It real hurts

15 Jul 2015 11:05

People doing evil just for money not knowing that they r alive only once n money will always be there even after their death

16 Jul 2015 01:30


16 Jul 2015 08:49

I hate to think that somewhere in this world pple go without food, leave alone information

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16 Jul 2015 09:05

I hate wen a guy speaks ill of a lady..they're our sisters,mothers n grandma's.The future is female

16 Jul 2015 10:59

I hate being stressed by ma lover while she knw am nt da 1 wid mistake,it really hurt

16 Jul 2015 19:43

Wronging someone en pretending its fine

16 Jul 2015 21:08

Loving and caring 4 sam1 who doesnt appreciate at all, who is never greatful 4 things uv done. Instead he even hurts u more

16 Jul 2015 23:43

b4 yu fall in love find out fst

19 Jul 2015 22:56

when justice is not practised.

19 Jul 2015 22:58

when i break with my galfren 2day n 2moro she s with a new boyfren

19 Jul 2015 23:08

I dont like like lies

21 Jul 2015 13:49
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21 Jul 2015 21:24

Seeing a dark girl in Red Pencil and a Black Top , She looks like PLIERS

23 Jul 2015 10:36


5 May 2017 16:21

Nagging character that's quite common with some sees.. It disgusts since understanding individuals position make things flow on smoothly

6 May 2017 12:58

Deception from people who I have given my complete trust.

12 May 2017 03:57

A man, cheating on me left right and centre while am doing everything everything in the best ways possible and still expect me to remain that good girl forever