Kenyan forum: Other - BIG TIME FOOLISHNESS
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13 Jul 2015 11:35

If foolishness was a crime then many would be serving jail terms including the judges deciding the cases..what do u consider so foolish??

13 Jul 2015 11:43

An old man being called 'baby' in the name of romance

13 Jul 2015 13:40

A man harassing a sheep sexually despite its smell and stupidity

13 Jul 2015 19:26

A fool

13 Jul 2015 21:24

A lady who see something that looks like faeces, she dips her finger in it and tastes and then says "Tpwey! It's sh*t,thank God I didn't step on it" FOOL YOU'VE ALREADY TASTED!

13 Jul 2015 21:43

Failin to pay ur rent so u can treat another man's wife...mpango wa kando mshipa ya rasa!

14 Jul 2015 06:53

Buying Poison,xo As 2 Commit Suicide Then Asking 4 Change

14 Jul 2015 10:10

Foolishness is having a Land Rover, a Land Cruiser and LANDLORD

14 Jul 2015 13:58

Living in Nairobi's leafy suburbs na hauna nyumba ocha kwenu. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME,so HOUSING BEGINS AT HOME

14 Jul 2015 20:13

A married man/woman having a side dish(mpango wa kando) is foolishness n immaturity bcoz if u are not ready to settle down, why get married.?? I really wonder why some pple dont like themselves at all.

16 Jul 2015 12:59

A person nicknaming himself devil

16 Jul 2015 16:28

Imitating foolish acts..btn the one doing the acts n the one imitating who is a better fool??

18 Jul 2015 14:38

Kuvalia ujinga then u call it 'hot pant'

18 Jul 2015 15:35

Quote by PHILEMON51
Kuvalia ujinga then u call it 'hot pant'

hahaha kwenda

18 Jul 2015 15:40

Feeding and showering another mans gal with money thinking that she will fall for u cos of money. Mmm buda utaachwa mataani

18 Jul 2015 21:28

Na kama gudiez zake are giving the man sleepless nights?

18 Jul 2015 21:59

Quote by ChinoXL74
Na kama gudiez zake are giving the man sleepless nights?

Chinox aha thats mens weakness. Now that she knows u like them,Atakula doo yako na akitosheka hautajua venye utaachwa....haiya mi nawachanua

18 Jul 2015 22:02

Wot if kama money ait a thing and gudiez makes the world go round?

18 Jul 2015 22:07

@ketypery ati "Akitosheka" nani atosheke na doh

18 Jul 2015 22:13

chinox u tokin only on the mans perspective.....wewe unampaa doo yote ndo akupende of which she lovs ur money n not u,bt kuna mwenye anapenda.the dei atatosheka kukuuse utaekelewa 100 reasons to brkup.