Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - age is just but a number
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11 Apr 2014 10:35

I find myself attracted to older women and I have a crush on my neighbour's I tell her considering she is way older than me?

11 Apr 2014 12:57

Stingviper juz follow ur heart.. But with some1's! Plz!

11 Apr 2014 13:37

go for her and tel her wat u feel mayb ye pia anataka a young man ka ww

11 Apr 2014 14:13

xolo is that an advice realy? some1's yf?

11 Apr 2014 18:19

follow ua heart en bcareful with ua jirani!he will remove ua milk teeth.@xolo unandanganya mwingine.

11 Apr 2014 19:48

#Maryam:I wish ungejua venye ameiva.kwanza akibendover akipiga duster morning na hio nytdress...wah!

11 Apr 2014 19:51

@Solo:well spoken but ni tricky my frnd

11 Apr 2014 19:56

@Fayr:although am too young to die,I will tell her.come to think of it,mimi si mchache kwa mkono(kwani naendanga gym ya nini?)but just incase,wacha niandike Will kwanza

11 Apr 2014 20:16

stingviper my brother,y big mamas wen there r many ladies u can chse?wacha hivyio unasema ameiva,u don knw y anajaribu kukutrap na hiyo supporting document yake.

12 Apr 2014 00:26

maryam and fay i suppot him aende ambie huyo mathee feelings zake. kila mtu na taste yake if he has a taste fo oldder women go fo her

12 Apr 2014 00:28

and infact its the young galz our age thta makes us go fo old women due to breakups and naggins

12 Apr 2014 05:25

Age difference atmost dunno count in any kinda affair...buh i gaze urs is kinda lust!

12 Apr 2014 07:53

am 20 nw bt if i gt a 35 guy who respects ,loves,cares, understands me i wl rather go wth tht man instead a young one lk me,kitu inaaribu cku izi n mtoto kumarry mtoto.

12 Apr 2014 11:48

Mimi nimejaribu hawa ma young ladies bt stres tupu bt hawa older women especialy wale wamezaa hivi,ni mambo mbaya.kukuhold tight nayo.

12 Apr 2014 13:17

@Fayr:ata kama!oh boy,some traps are worth walking into;)

12 Apr 2014 13:27

@Sesna....:mayb...mayb not;but once I get in between those brown petite luscious thighs,I will know for sure;)

12 Apr 2014 16:07

@solo yani u r afraid of ua age mate!for me i cant take younger person.

12 Apr 2014 21:09

Young gals ni stress tupu!I second solo

12 Apr 2014 21:16


12 Apr 2014 22:05

@stingviper agemate wako ni stress?hakuna stress ni vile unataka ready to eat,but for young gals u will work for it bfor u taste.