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3 Jul 2015 21:47

how much older/younger than ur age u can date a man or a woman? does age really matter?

7 Jul 2015 13:31

Yaa it does mata

7 Jul 2015 13:38

@searching how does it?

7 Jul 2015 15:06

my age is 21yrs old ad am searching a woman plz call me thru..0727469458

7 Jul 2015 15:10

@alex, woman at what age?

8 Jul 2015 10:54

According a research by a certain group from usa,love relation have no age limit for both genders

8 Jul 2015 11:12

i am fiona want a guy 4rm kenya,shld b 4rm thka shld b a kikuyu taita o kale

8 Jul 2015 13:37

Hey,my age is 44 yrs searching a well off lady for discreet intimacy and love.No jokers n pretenders pls!!

8 Jul 2015 14:44

It does matter dat we cannot run away from it it can be embarrassing for a 20 yr old to date 28 yr old, dat person is way older than u. when pple say u can control love dat is lie coz love start with a feeling which u can control so pple must stop this madness of saying age is just a number who is 8 yrs older than u, dat person is Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy

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8 Jul 2015 15:35

Age does matter.

For me, age does matter in a relationship, depending on how far apart. Many people say that age is just a number, but I personally find that there should be a limit. Maybe six years difference would be the best maximum for most couples? Maturity plays a big role in relationships. Maturity enables couples to stick it out when the going gets tough and to let go of negative feelings.

8 Jul 2015 21:56

@penzin, u r right love starts with a feeling. then ts possible u can feel for any person, older or younger, rich or poor. his/her status doesnt concern u considering what u feel towards that person. so for me i think age or anything else doesnt matter when it comes to love

8 Jul 2015 22:03

@allysa, i agree with u maturiy is the most important. hence he can be younger than u but his characters are mature enough to be ur partner. so age doesnt really matter, maturity does%

8 Jul 2015 22:06

@gmak, u want a lady at what age? 44 en above or below 44?

8 Jul 2015 22:09

@fiona, the man should be how old?

8 Jul 2015 22:10

@peter, thumbs up;

9 Jul 2015 09:38

Age is a factor 2 consida in dating..a lady should b younger 10 years than man.

10 Jul 2015 00:47

No bt de heart matters

10 Jul 2015 00:54

wt do u mn? wy only trio, wt abt other kenyans?

10 Jul 2015 01:39
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10 Jul 2015 01:42

Love is blind ila sisi sio vipofu,age limit ni lugha ya waandishi habari iwapo unabisha muulize gerard pique na shakira