Kenyan forum: Other - Is Heaven Real??
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17 Jun 2015 17:03

If heaven is real why are people building more of the permanent churches?? Whats the logic behind this??

18 Jun 2015 15:42

Napanga kuenda nkifka ntakutxt nkushoo 4 nao cko sua

18 Jun 2015 18:16

Heheehe,,kwenda huko dieyoung

18 Jun 2015 19:37

hehehe, I just can't get your logic in the argument!? so building a strong-good house on earth means you don't die!?

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18 Jun 2015 19:58

Ahhahaaa ni nn maryam

18 Jun 2015 21:53

yes HEAVEN is REAL...

19 Jun 2015 18:10
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19 Jun 2015 22:33

Litann! ua r a gud person i lyk u!

21 Jun 2015 12:56

Read what ecce.says the grave is a permanent house

21 Jun 2015 18:16

heaven is there 4 sure

22 Jun 2015 22:16

Proof plz

23 Jun 2015 09:45

You are not answering my question guys,,if this heaven is a real thing, why are pple building permanent churches? ?

23 Jun 2015 09:56

I can't put in the Christian way or Islam coz those are foreign religions to us African, traditionally Africans believe in a supernatural almighty power (God) who control life and living life there r those who'll do good and evil of which they've rewards at the end; the end of an evil doing is hell (where other hellic punishments are performed), and the end of a good deed is heaven (where all other goods are rewarded)! in African traditions we believe God is defined by all good deeds, charaters, attributes and values and He lives in his throne, which is Heaven is there for those who spent their earthly lives goodly!!

23 Jun 2015 10:14

pardon madam! I think you're misunderstanding the meaning of heaven if at all is the point you're trying to put across in the topic Heaven isn't a place anywhere in this world, as I and you believe,It's an eternal promise after a life well spent goodly to serve God here on Earth.Just to remind, even your body isn't permanently built by the supernatural Almighty God who gives life!:8 it'll die and barried someday and u r left with the spirit, either evil or good spirit.Good goes to Heaven, Evil goes to hell...churches aren't heaven and it wound be!

23 Jun 2015 14:03

there's no permant buildng,no matter hw u build can tek less than a sec to destroy it.tek note!

25 Jun 2015 00:20

I believe heaven is real but U also hv a choice, U can choose 2 believe or not. Even them who worship the devil believe in.heaven thus U can only single urself out n stand 2 b counted. At the end of it all each n every soul shall confess.

If only I cd understand what U mean by "permanent churches " then I wd b at a better position 2 give a meaningful opinion. For now I wil ~> ... downloading please wait...........

27 Jun 2015 19:10

Heaven n Hell r real, pls play ua cards very well coz u'll perish n grind teeth.

27 Jun 2015 19:14

Leave alone holly buildings( church) y dont u stay in bush rather than staying in flats n nice houses?

30 Jun 2015 08:06

Building a church does not mean is permanent and Note nothing is permanent in this world nd only thing that's permanent in this world is change.... So building a church does nt mean is permanent sir

30 Jun 2015 18:02

Sachs niiulizie nitakukol nikusshow