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9 Apr 2014 03:29

I have found out that majority of men go in a relationshp with their minds not the heart,while women love with their hearts,whats your say...

9 Apr 2014 03:33

After a man has stayed with u 4 a while,he wl hv known all ua potentials and weaknesses,then,there after,he wl try to find a better person of his expectation,men have many expectations in a lady,if she is nt what he expctd wl,definately Go!

Edited by Denny19 / 9 Apr 2014 03:38
9 Apr 2014 16:19

but y Denny do u knw how one esp a lady sacrifices tew luv a dude? n do u knw how much t pains tew knw that u luv some1 but he doesnt luv u in return?

Edited by Maryam9 / 9 Apr 2014 16:19
10 Apr 2014 17:13

love?some men r after one part in ua body nothing else,i wonder f in ten years to cme if ppl wll b marryn.