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9 Apr 2014 03:20

Where you first met will determine how your life in a relationship will be,
1.hook up with a chic yu met in a bank,dont be broke!
2.a chic yu met in a supermarket,be frequent shopper
3.a chic in the worship place,avoid small fun like hanging out with friends.
4.a chic u met while in a club,take care... campus,
............most probably u might end up breaking up with thngs related to where yu met her.

10 Apr 2014 05:38

vry true en no koment coz u hav said it all

10 Apr 2014 16:21

wat abt if u meet in a social site

10 Apr 2014 17:04

almost true but u avnt said abt site pple,itakuwa je?