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8 Jun 2015 16:36

its only through repentance,righteousness and holiness that pple get to heaven..usiseme sikukwambia

9 Jun 2015 11:21

And also through spiritual works in faith.

9 Jun 2015 11:25

please read this alone:>1 corinthians 6:12-18

9 Jun 2015 16:51

First 1 has 2 b a believer thn live wthn the doctrines tht makes u 2 b pure by not going against the set dwn comandments.. So in all we shld b loving & live holy

9 Jun 2015 20:22

pia kudanganya mob memberz sio poa

9 Jun 2015 20:27

btw i dont know why majority of pple tend to love lies than the truth..if u truly want to be believed by a human being, just lie. the opposite is true

9 Jun 2015 21:46

thats truu! n nawadys they lak especially righteousness/holiness even in the body of Christ my Jehovah have mercy

9 Jun 2015 21:52

Love your neighbour just as you love yourself,be born again,and live a righteous life and love,believe and worship one true God..."I AM WHOM I AM''

9 Jun 2015 22:34

Yaani mnapenda kuenda heven ivo,nasioni kaa mtafka

10 Jun 2015 09:41

if u truly want to go to heaven u must first learn to live heaven on earth. i mean u shld walk in righteousness n live a sinless life(it is though impossible 2 live without sins bt through repentance we r forgiven hence we shld repent always to remain sinless)

10 Jun 2015 10:22

1 PETER 4:1-7>> 'therefore since Christ suffered in his body,arm yourselves also with the same attitude because he who suffered in his body is done with sin. As a result he does not live the rest of his earthly life for evil human desires, but rather for the will of GOD.....' }} If u want to go to heaven therefore b ready to suffer

10 Jun 2015 16:46

The secret is by just leaving in the Gods given ways

10 Jun 2015 20:35
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11 Jun 2015 12:57

so true.

11 Jun 2015 18:18

The sabbath is the only sighn 2 those who will enter the kingdom of God

11 Jun 2015 18:20

The sabbath is the only sighn 2 those who will enter the kingdom of God.Exodus 31:16,17

11 Jun 2015 18:44

I love this

11 Jun 2015 19:32

its geting more deep.

12 Jun 2015 11:31

uuuuuwi!! dont be cheated plz..the sabbath is not a resting day as many think, the sabbath is our saviour JESUS CHRIST..Remember that keeping a day holy is idol worship(MEANING U ARE WORSHIPPING A DAY AND NOT GOD) which is a sin..THEREFORE EVERYDAY IS A SABBATH DAY

15 Jun 2015 10:02