Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - affairs tha house!what do u talk about when you have your partner on matrimonial bed???talk 2 me!
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4 Apr 2014 13:18

what are tha topics u discuss when you are on your matrimonial bed?do u discuss business issues,home issues or fighting????

7 Apr 2014 21:25

Am nt yet married still too far

8 Apr 2014 18:28

Couples talk while in th bedroom:talk about how to improve love life many kids,
3.when to have the 1 night stand and why,
4.job issues
5.sometime its a Place to solve problems without involving children,guest.

9 Apr 2014 12:18

Denny19,How can you discus with your wife about one night stand? Can't believe it.

31 May 2014 22:06

@ denny surely how can u talk abt one night stand wth ua life partner?rily?hapo umetundanganya

21 Oct 2014 22:48

cnt comed ju bado cja marrie stil young