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25 May 2015 22:28

Between bob marley and lucky dube who waz the top music.

26 May 2015 15:58

Ebu nipee sng zao nickize ntakushoo

26 May 2015 16:11

hw can u compare a gecko and a crocodile.BOB is alwys on top.three little birds,africans unite.

26 May 2015 23:11

Bob wz on top

26 May 2015 23:22

Luck dube

27 May 2015 00:06

Bob has never rocked me.....I even wonder why pple refer him as a legend!!
Lucky Philip Dube is the best en the next level.
Naff Respek all de time mi seh

27 May 2015 08:53

Lucky was absolutely outstanding He changed the lives of many through his inspirational songs, brought unity & peace to nations, brought good leadership to governments wow he was incredible

28 May 2015 09:02

Bob king of jamaica,lucky king of africa

28 May 2015 12:26

Lucky Dube the best of the best!

28 May 2015 22:24

We hujui kuna wengi wanabonga bt mtindo wa ngoma.bob zina change lucky piano rithm 1

28 May 2015 22:25

Bcz yeye ni phr.

28 May 2015 22:28

Quote by linkonjunior
Between bob marley and lucky dube who waz the top music.

Bob marley

29 May 2015 13:36

wah kumbe

31 May 2015 09:20

Thos Guyz Were All Incrdble.... I Call Them All Regae Lgnds.....