Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - respect or disrespect
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21 May 2015 09:29

what is it that a man see in a woman such that after having a 5min conversation he asks for sex?? or its their nature

21 May 2015 21:34

It's in a man's nature to be always thinking about sex. Askn for it after 5min could be brought about maybe by the way u look in your profile . For example, If you are skimpily dressed then a guy makes an assumption that you are an easy catch. It comes off as disrespect but the guy generally is honest. He's cutting to the long chase by hitting the nail right on the head.

22 May 2015 00:57

I read somewhere that 4 every 60 minutes a sane n healthy man will think about sex 10 to 12 times .. but I think that thinking n actually asking for it r 2 different things!

However men just like women shdnt b crucified communally. Not all men wil ask 4 sexual favours on the first ,second or even 10th date. Not all women will say "yes" on the same period ..

I can't say that the men who ask 4 the same on the first date r disrespectful of ladies but they r in deficiency of self control!

The ladies who give in that easily wdn't b termed as loose or prostitutes by me, no! They 2 lack the same thing men lack I.e self control!

I might b wrong though! !!

22 May 2015 08:43

Te bst ansa kan b frm tat man hu askd 4 sex frm u

22 May 2015 20:09

REAL QUOTE: Thinking about sex can relief pain 75%.

23 May 2015 10:38

This is all boring

8 Jun 2015 20:27

is dat scientifically proven? #ngarih