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18 May 2015 03:44

Who gonna win the uefa champion league ?


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19 May 2015 23:53

Well all these 2 teams are league champs in their respective countries.. We may view Juve as under dogs but they may bring a surprise on the final day.. Thou my vote goes 2 Barca since their striking force of (MSN) is very lethal

19 May 2015 23:56

hehe juventus hawatoshi.messi wl beat them

20 May 2015 01:18

Barca Will See Fire With That Poor Defence

21 May 2015 21:39

Barcelona of course. MSN is the difference between the two teams. Games like this require instances of individual brilliance and who better than Messi, Suarez or Neymar to provide that.

21 May 2015 21:42

Noooma io

21 May 2015 21:57

I See Guyz Ua Realy In For A Big Supriz....If Real Madrid Wuld Hv Qualifyd It Wuld Hv Bn An Easy Win For Barca..... Bt Nw They Wll Only See Dust

21 May 2015 21:58

i put my money on juve,barca they can defend,juve can

21 May 2015 22:05

Barca Plays Soft Game Bt Juve!!!! I See A 2-1 Win In Favour Of Juve......... Weka Messi Kwa Poke,Kanyaga Suarez Mguu Akuume(thts A Red Card) Who Shall Suply To Naymar??? That Givs Us A Networkless Ntwork Grrrrrrr.... A Dead MSN!!

22 May 2015 07:17

Barca don't need to defend. They keep/possess the ball. Further more they have conceded only 19 goals in la liga this season. If they don't have the balls they play a fast counter attacking game as witnessed against Bayern.

Who shall supply Neymar? MSN is supplied by Iniesta, Rakitic and busquets, dani Alves.

Juventus relies on playing with the ball at
its feet but will struggle against a
Barcelona that is by far the
superior side at keeping the ball, and that
alone will make Juventus more ineffective.
The Italian side can hit well on the counter,
but it does not have the speed of

22 May 2015 07:26

Barca iko juu

22 May 2015 13:23

barca can keep the ball,but juve dont care,

23 May 2015 10:41


25 May 2015 01:02

barca wil du alot of posesion but Juve wil deliva gols. i giv my vot tu Juve

25 May 2015 01:40
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26 May 2015 08:30

Quote by Hrithikbobbykendua
barc with {msn} more fire and don't mess with messe

why pple fear messi,and last season he was trophyless,juve will carry the day,coz they fire all cylinders unlike barca

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