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13 May 2015 22:08

I have this guy who never accepts his mistakes even if its openely displayed. He'll just refuse kabisa or create a reason y he did it of which u cn c he's hurt like evryday......does he rlly lov me.?wat do u say...

14 May 2015 13:56

l dn't think so bt wat hw abt u,do u luv him?

14 May 2015 14:49

Hio n kama tabia yake he cnt stop

14 May 2015 18:57

@philip yes i do..

14 May 2015 18:59

@melkio wats ur advice

14 May 2015 20:20

Siz thats so hurting but dont loose hope instead set a thief to catch a think look for ways you can make him refuse on his lies,,,love is all about taking a person the way he/ she is n turning him into the better smbody you want the person to be,,,,take a step dear,,all the best...

14 May 2015 21:51

4 wat i believe b4 pple b in 2gether they must atleast take time 2 2 3 years kurekebisha unajua mapenzi yana bana kama tie,tafakari ya babu,4 real hp u feel me.

14 May 2015 23:49

thanks @maryann thats encouraging

14 May 2015 23:50

poa @emmanu nishakuelewa

14 May 2015 23:57

evry relatship hav its challngs.if thats ua destiny u hav 2 pasevea bt if its nt just ball is in ua cort,mek a wise dcision.all th best.

15 May 2015 00:00

Take off my dea sister or you will come to regrate how u waste ur valuable tym.

15 May 2015 00:39

thanks mark

15 May 2015 00:41

mmm piranah i hear u. So in short he doesnt lov me

15 May 2015 20:59

Yeah Kety He Doesnt Lov U Otherwys Angekua Ana Apologys Badala Ya Kupingana!! Bt Wt Piranah Nd The Rest R Trying To Say Ni "Let Him Go,JathuraH Is Waitng" RYT GUYZ?

15 May 2015 23:42

aha @jathurah wewe.nway nmeckia

16 May 2015 00:20

Mwambie, potelea mbali!!

16 May 2015 00:31

@kety,oopss, i think unajua vile watu wakiona,husema nitakupenda kwenye raha na shida,swali ni mbona wakati wa raha mabeste,majirani hatualikwi,so mimi husema vile mulianza munajua shida ilipo,take time an sort hiyo issue chini kwa chini bt,c nyongwaa!!,PEACE.