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28 Mar 2014 07:56

If your new catch never replies ur text or calls for a month does it he has already booted U?

31 Mar 2014 09:49

t means he nver luvd u!

31 Mar 2014 13:25

No..! Mayb strss ths situatn u nid to vist hm/hr. It wll be a suprs. He/she wll gain and hag u wth losts of kisses.

1 Apr 2014 11:34

means u mean nothing..tembeza kisogo

1 Apr 2014 12:53

U never know until u go urself and talk to him/her be patient

2 Apr 2014 06:44

so u mean i shud give him tym??Tena how do i pay a visit of which i dnt knw ako job or has moved to anotha place..

3 Apr 2014 11:32

mayb anakutest

3 Apr 2014 18:34

So i keep waiting en i dont knw wat he's upto virgy?

Edited by dramafree1 / 3 Apr 2014 22:30
4 Apr 2014 12:33

dramafree the best solution is to consult him...may be ww ni plan B kwake

4 Apr 2014 16:47

tha only wa ni , talk him. find him n know watx up???

5 Apr 2014 22:33

How do i find him tena hataki kureply txt nt even a second ata fb ukimwambia hi en he's online.So disgusting..

5 Apr 2014 23:09

ako na reasons zake

5 Apr 2014 23:21

No bt it depends wth whre he/she is and wht he/she is dng

6 Apr 2014 23:41

Give 1 reason what may cause this en 4 sure ur seeing him online.Don't 4get u've u had started tha relationship en al the promises of being together blah blah..

7 Apr 2014 09:11

move on,,this one already did so..

7 Apr 2014 15:48

no love at all bt only playing wth ur mind.

9 Apr 2014 00:04

Hey guyz,help me get the ansa of all this.

9 Apr 2014 11:33

get plan B as u kip on waitin 4 her/him

9 Apr 2014 17:09

May b alipata mwingine msee hutembeza

9 Apr 2014 22:58

It only means your soon becoming past tense to him/her