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22 Apr 2015 21:18

Do u think the devolved governmnt has so far achieved its main objectives as enshrined in the constitution

23 Apr 2015 09:35

No not even a single promise has been fullfilled i am wondering when it will happen and we are almost heading for the next election.

23 Apr 2015 20:28

Not iven a singi thng

24 Apr 2015 12:24

I see no difference.everything seems to be the same as b4.even the 'leaders' are the same old sh*t

24 Apr 2015 17:15


25 Apr 2015 15:35

things r even getting worst than devolution so far

25 Apr 2015 16:51

Lets try 2 b positive evn wth the devolution teething prblms, sm progress is bng made

26 Apr 2015 10:34

nothing will never come out of this govt, insecurity has increased

22 Apr 2016 23:01