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18 Apr 2015 06:37

hae it possible to fall in love wid a person u met on net n uv neva got a chance to mit him/her?how do we kol dat strong feeling wen u just want to mit him n hold him?

20 Apr 2015 18:52

that feeling has a name...
sijui but it usually dies after happened to me sometime back then i named it UJINGA

20 Apr 2015 19:01

Gv mi ua no. I will tel u..

20 Apr 2015 19:03

natrax i guez u ryt..i wud also kol it ujinga

20 Apr 2015 21:40

Nt bad kz both u agree terms n condition..d.a

20 Apr 2015 22:19

stevo u sure?

20 Apr 2015 22:23


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21 Apr 2015 00:52

mohash amechizi...

actually its ujinga because you credit some one with too much trust later they turn you down for no good reason.
God should really kill those people

21 Apr 2015 08:34

mohash ulkuwa soba?natrax yah mtu hupata vle alkuwa anajua mtu ako quite opposit

21 Apr 2015 23:24

sexy pause i lav it

21 Apr 2015 23:28


24 Apr 2015 14:59

Thts nt love ur jst obsessed wth th guy cz u kips chatting wth him I guess I can kol it ujinga wise gal!

24 Apr 2015 15:05

thnks Ann..hope he doesnt see this..heheh

24 Apr 2015 15:12

Mayb u were too desperate to meet a guy and nw u cnt bliv uv gotten one online or mayb uv found hm to be an intresting dude buh that doesnt mean uv fallen 4 him.anyway go ahead en try ur luck.

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24 Apr 2015 15:29

Its ok shiqoe.
Desparation will neva brngs u luck thy ll bring REGRETS...n u ll feel low wthurself

24 Apr 2015 15:30

hahah..wasnt desperate at ol mi on unable to explain maself buh as we concluded ni ujinga it aint love

24 Apr 2015 15:32

Ann am not desperate...nlipata tu namlike n i guez if hanidanganyi he likes mi too

24 Apr 2015 15:32


24 Apr 2015 15:33

All the best thn

24 Apr 2015 15:36

Basi ni 'ujinga' as uv conclude ama just a case of too much fantasy