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16 Apr 2015 22:05

guys do you like chics wid make ups or those who are natural. Do make ups make a chic more beautiful or do they make them uglier

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17 Apr 2015 13:27

I like chics with makeups coz makeups make them looks more beautiful and atractive

17 Apr 2015 15:17

It depends on hw u apply,i love makeup.

17 Apr 2015 15:36

Hate them makeups,if 1 bilivs in 1self dat u r prety u dnt nid them,natural gals r da best

17 Apr 2015 17:22

I think being natural with no ma make ups is the best. some chicks who apply them look bad

17 Apr 2015 19:20

i like a chick who is natural i dont like make ups

17 Apr 2015 21:28

Me i lyk natural beuty.

17 Apr 2015 22:09

sure make ups this goes to them appreciate the way God has created u. stay natural

18 Apr 2015 02:50

i love make up

18 Apr 2015 06:24

Lyk natural chicks coz dey look mr attractive with no make_ups.better yu stay hw God makes yu

18 Apr 2015 08:03

make up is good but bad if over done.some chics look like clows.
personally i love that look chics have when they wake up.its juz omg*
its beautiful

18 Apr 2015 14:55

Yes,i lyk them bt i dnt trust them,i blv in those wo retains their natural beauty.

18 Apr 2015 17:08

Natural beauty isnt abt adding make-ups.. So better 2 stay natural so tht being real comes out in the open..

18 Apr 2015 21:47


19 Apr 2015 00:35

my make up my choice as long as im comfortable in then .

19 Apr 2015 18:42

I go for the natural,
Make-Up is a freaking way of wastin money!

19 Apr 2015 21:56

some dont luk gud in dem...i prifa bein natural at all tyms....yea

19 Apr 2015 23:03

make ups make one look more attractive and well informed but i would prefer natural beauty

19 Apr 2015 23:24

i prefer both...bcoz nt ol chics luk cul in make ups they stand aut naturally bt sme cannot do without make ups they wl look aweful

24 Apr 2015 08:33

I personally I dont huv a problem wit those who apply make ups. BUT don't apply too much hadi u look like a cat..