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15 Apr 2015 07:04

"As a Gent or a Lady,what do you look for in a lover?"
3)Great mind
5)Level of education
6)Family background
10)specify others
Let us help anyone single and searching so what type of a Lady or Gent should one look for...???

15 Apr 2015 14:31

Wen yu look dos levas sam f dem wil nt b married wat about wenye hawakusoma wea wil dey go

15 Apr 2015 14:34

Am nt jeurous bt u av 2 luk bth syd

15 Apr 2015 16:42

Money men

15 Apr 2015 23:15

Honest,loving,caring,christian,financialy stable,faithful,age doesnt matter at all.

16 Apr 2015 00:26

Love was / is n will remain one of the hardest disciplines on Earth .. Matters LOVE has NEVER hd a LOGIC point of view. When it strikes U hv NO time 2 look at those physical qualities. The heart reasons n the mind follows suit... MyThinking!!!

16 Apr 2015 00:30

love! that's all

16 Apr 2015 01:04

Pals,i understand people fall in love by chance n live by choice thus my big question being,what brings this chance or what's this chance...??? OK,WHAT WERE YOU LOOKING 4 BEFORE YOU GOT HER OF HIM OR WHAT ARE LOOKING FOR IF SEARCHING?

16 Apr 2015 01:07

#JACQUEYMISH,,,what if he has all that bt on religion a hindu or a muslim,would you take him?

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17 Apr 2015 07:43

Great mind

17 Apr 2015 09:13

Hao wel she kan dans,flexibility

17 Apr 2015 19:31

a lady of gud behaviour, understanding luving caring ang GOD fearing

17 Apr 2015 21:34

True love in my view at first should be understood as that God inspired willingness to desire the best for others without expecting returns from them originally, but God too to inspire them to do the same to others in a God pleasing way. emotional feelings should not be prioritize in marriage because they dont last continually and their contentment is just for a while. sex drive is not a sign of love its for bringing male and female together for the purpose of reproduction and unifying of marriage.

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18 Apr 2015 14:17

Love btn a man & woman is the hardest love to understand

18 Apr 2015 16:40

religion,behaviour,understandng,caring,money & education wll come aftr coz u can av money and education n luck peace & luv

18 Apr 2015 23:05

When TRUE love knocks Religion, Politics n those other factors hv No say in the situation.

19 Apr 2015 13:57

mapenzi ndio mambo yote

19 Apr 2015 22:59

The point is clear and true love takes the day

24 Apr 2015 15:08

Great mind he has to thnk n act beyond th box inoder to give me motivation. also respectful to himself n to others if he cnt afford to respect himself he can't also respect me