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14 Apr 2015 16:18

Who is a gold digger?

14 Apr 2015 16:19

Mwenye huchuma za bwerere.

15 Apr 2015 13:28

one who luks in2 his/ha own intrest wthout carin whrth he/she steps on others jst 2 get wat dey wnt.. Tak,tak bt neva gv

15 Apr 2015 13:42

Indulging in a relationship so as 2 enrich uaself

15 Apr 2015 14:57

Woman who wants a man only for his money. She is an undesirable xter, since she will use deception and guile 2 get her way, thn she will leave wen things get tough and take whatever she can.

15 Apr 2015 16:45

Gold digger

15 Apr 2015 20:00

it aint fair putting that tittle on women.there are some cougar niggas who are with ladies.

and one more thing,
a lady who aint messing with broke niggas aint no gold digger.she's juz not into such guys.

my pride can never drop me to dating a lady rich than me...the devil is a kept man.i'm the man so i do the payments.

in short a gold digger is any one be it a lady or guy mwenye

16 Apr 2015 15:39

A Pain In The Neck For Any Married Woman And A Devil In Real Life And Also A Nightmare To Ordinary Youngmen/women.

17 Apr 2015 09:15

Ahahhahaaa A gold diga is a pason not an animal

26 Apr 2015 01:50

I Dont Realy Knw ...... Perhps A Prson Who Works In The Gold Mine