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14 Apr 2015 00:43


14 Apr 2015 13:27

Ok guy hi know true love 4 my life 4 my baby guy thank you

14 Apr 2015 20:37

I wonder if it exists

14 Apr 2015 21:03

Yes, even ua own wife will just welcome u with hags n kisses only when u have plenty of her budget. Elsehow you may even endup splitng bedsheets.

14 Apr 2015 21:52

They also say that the beauty of man is what he has(money) it means going broke you become an old sack & ugly man..oops! no luck 4 us men

14 Apr 2015 22:02

i dnt believe in dat coz if u want ur love n ur partners to be true, it starts btn u by appreciatin eachada 4 who u are. n not wat u hv

14 Apr 2015 22:04

Yeap, thats a mere truth.

15 Apr 2015 06:51

Whether you want your lover to remain true or you appreciate him/her..i know you can't force her to do so

15 Apr 2015 08:43

if its meant to be,no matter the hustle love will stand.its only that a majority of us are born to be lonely and its our fate.
juz learn how to live with it

15 Apr 2015 09:06

Hi guys tru love never dies,all you av 2do is to believe ad trust ur partner

15 Apr 2015 13:31

Hehehe... Men r in trouble; no money no honey.

15 Apr 2015 14:40

Brianatalia@maybe all guys wawe wezi

15 Apr 2015 17:55

I do blv thre r some who trully blv in true love cutting across all sexes.. They r genuinely in love & wld express it at whichever cost.. Thou jst bt a few in this category

16 Apr 2015 00:37

The TRUE LOVE in the CoolioChamp post shd hv bn in quotes 2 read "TRUE LOVE" . This is because TRUE LOVE anywhere in the world has Never n will Never Ever b sold 2 the HIGHEST BINDER! There is a big difference between feigned Love n TRUE Love.. I stand 2 b corrected!

Edited by Jotham Mugambi / 16 Apr 2015 00:38
16 Apr 2015 01:18

Ok,True love might be there which i don't know also i guess no one was born to remain lonely unless he/she decide so..again someone just said "no money no honey" am still thinking 'bout it coz it makes sense in a way,,

16 Apr 2015 08:17

i never chose loneliness but it occupies a large realm of my world.
love is just a castle in the air for invisible people.

17 Apr 2015 09:16


17 Apr 2015 19:39

u cant buy true luv. luv wich is bought by money will never last long when money end luv will end