Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - The CRAZIEST thing you did in the name of LOVE???
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23 Mar 2014 20:57

wasting time bragging to my girlfriends about him wish i could turn back time

24 Mar 2014 15:34

Promising myself that i will one day i will marry her

24 Mar 2014 21:00

taking a blame in name of hers but guyz never take anyblame in the name of lve that would be stupit of u to do.i regret

26 Mar 2014 10:06

dedicating ol my luv mpaka wazazi wakajua only for him to dump me coz another gal

26 Mar 2014 12:41

some years back...i dont want to remember coz it still hurts

26 Mar 2014 17:32

Sneaking in de nite cozov her.

27 Mar 2014 20:13

nothin,g coz i ave never seen a real one