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8 Apr 2015 10:29

is it wrong for a man to feel sexually attracted to another man or a woman to another woman?
what is your take to why you think it is right or wrong.

8 Apr 2015 10:42

my take.
it's not something new since it is recorded in ancient text like the bible and big names like leonardo da vinci was accused of it.
i feel and think it's so wrong when it comes to's weird and ridiculous somewhat disgusting that is why i support museveni.
but for women i dont see the problem,they are affectionate beings and sometimes another woman is the only one who can do her the way she wants they do it in the open when they say hello...they hug and kiss but wanaume wachomwe that is bad how does a guy with a moustache and a beard kiss another one with hair on his chin yuuuuuck!!!

8 Apr 2015 11:51

Same sex relationship is an abormination & unafrican.. Lets keep our values & moral high so tht we dont indulge in practises tht dont conform to the biblical teachings

8 Apr 2015 14:44

Aww too wrong!! either of these parties' involvement in a relationship is a sin before God. Lets Embrace Our African values for Christ's sake. this the wierdest behaviour al ever condemn : men ar to women and the vise versa right! it's also healthy ,,,hw dare a man get into a man ,or a woman into a woman ! omg this an abormination hey!

9 Apr 2015 08:24

hey chineke abomination, pia masomo ni mbaya, thz is making pple hav discusion and explanation abt thz. God Forbid

9 Apr 2015 08:57

its not wrong.its very wrong indeed.what was the reason of creating a man and a woman...

9 Apr 2015 17:59

#Bonie, salut. We were created men n woman in diffrent sex as a man n woman, how comes same sex having same fillings, this is three mch rediculous, different sex n fillings were created for the mjor one purpose n nt else. Is it that like poles repell while unlike poles attract?

10 Apr 2015 12:14

yap dats really awful how do you even dare/feel kissing a fellow man??actually those are some things God won't forgive.

11 Apr 2015 00:56

That's bull's to man can u imagine someone with a dick being f*$cked that's stupid

11 Apr 2015 07:33


12 Apr 2015 12:53

Its so pathetic

12 Apr 2015 21:38

Very shameful and abomination.tufiakwa

13 Apr 2015 08:14


13 Apr 2015 10:19

Absolutly wrong

13 Apr 2015 16:58

According to my opinion,they are both wrong mostly man & man r/ship.On the side of womens we need to define the kind of r/ship,this coz like in my culture in earlier days,a woman who could not bear children was allowed to marry another woman for generation continuity.In this case I tend to think there were no sexual liasons b2n them.

19 Mar 2016 13:04

i disagreed until i felt the pinch of loneliness that now my many texts reading hun and babe are to guys and not more than six ladies in my contact list of the 173 numbers i have...
what's really happening to me

20 Mar 2016 01:32

It's so Evil and Unholy; God created ADAM & EVE not Adam and John,cmon human beings!!!